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How often have you walked into a store and asked yourself the following questions:  Where is the checkout? How do I get help? Where do I find what I am looking for? Well shopping online presents similar questions. Hopefully some of the information here will help answer some of those questions.

The most useful tool for searching products is the "search" field which can be found in the upper right hand corner of each page.

We have also categoried the type of pool or water feature (commercial pool, spa, residential inground, above ground pool, etc) for which your are shopping.

Items can be placed quickly in a cart by just clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. To verify an item(s) has been added simply check the information (items and subtotal) next to the shopping cart icon in the dark green bar below the header page. Cart information is on the right. Or click on "view cart" in the upper right corner of any page.

Create shopping lists! For example, if you find a chemical that works then add it to your shopping list called "My Chemicals". We cannot tell you many times we have heard the following in our brick and mortar store: "Sell me the same thing as last year"! or, "the stuff you sold me last time was a blue liquid in a blue bottle" or, "it was in a package like this."

Another area where a shopping list would be useful: your equipment. While all equipment may be constructed in a very similar manner from one manufacturer to another, trust us when we say parts are not generic generally speaking or interchangeable. Create a list called "My Equipment Parts" or narrow it down further to "My Pump Parts", or "My O-rings".

Creating a shopping list(s) is easy. You must have an account set up and be logged in to your account. After that you can add something to a shopping list when you go to a product's full information page. Click on "Add to a new shopping list", or if you already have a shopping list(s) created, you can click on any of those to add your product. Or just go to your account manager to create your shopping lists.

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