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Oxy Brite - 20 #

Price: $103.95
Item Number: 0224120
Manufacturer: GLB
Stock Status: Always in Stock

Oxy-Brite™ non-chlorine shock creates sparkling water and shock treats in one step. Containing a powerful oxygen-based oxidizer, its powerful formula rids the water of contaminants that cause odor and irritation, and it restores the sparkle to dull water.


  • Swim immediately after treatment!
  • Restores sparkle to cloudy water
  • Reduces sanitizer demand
  • Will not increase CYA levels

Initial Dosage and Maintenance:
With no swimmers in the pool, apply 1 lb. of Oxy-Brite™ non-chlorine shock oxidizer per 10,000 gallons of pool water directly to the pool. Disperse evenly over the pool surface by carefully walking around the pool's perimeter.

1 lb. pouches, 2.2 lbs., 5lbs.
20 lbs., 50 lbs. and 90 lbs.

Used weekly, Oxy-Brite™ will continually oxidize contaminants thus requiring less sanitizer throughout the week to maintain clean water.

Compatible With:
Compatible with bromine, chlorine, salt water, ozone and minerals

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