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Filter Cleanse - 2 #

Price: $16.75
Item Number: 0254202
Manufacturer: GLB
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This multi-purpose granular formulation cleans and unclogs filters of grease, oils and scale with a combination of acids and detergents. Its unique chemistry will gradually change from red to yellow as it cleans.

  • Special solution changes color from red to yellow when filter is clean
  • Multi-purpose, granular formulation cleans any type of filter (sand, cartridge or D.E. filters)

For Cartridge Filters and Removable D.E. Filter Elements::
1. Remove cartridge elements and place in suitable plastic container.
2. Cover elements with Filter Cleanse solution (1 lb. per 5 gal. of water).
3. Allow to soak at least 4 hours, but preferably overnight.
4. Remove element from solution, rinse throughly and replace in filter.

For Sand Filters and Non-Removeable Elements::
1. Backwash filter then drain. Close drain valve.
2. Prepare Filter Cleanse solution (1 lb. per 5 gal. of water).
3. Add sufficient solution to cover sand (see label directions).
4. Allow to stand overnight (12 hours).
5. Backwash until backwash water runs clean.
6. Return filter to normal operation.

2 lbs.
20 lbs.

Use routinely once every month or two during season to maintain efficient operation. Clean filter early in the spring to remove winter debris and after a period of intense use. It's also important to clean the filter when preparing pool for winter.

Compatible With:
Chlorine, bromine, mineral purification systems, salt water pools, ozone and biguanide sanitizers.

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