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Complete Commercial and Residential Swimming Pool Service in Manheim, PA

J L Honberger Co., Inc.
offers an extensive product line for commercial pools and residential pools and spas.  Enjoy the option to purchase pool and spa parts and supplies online at your convenience. If you want a more traditional storefront experience, stop by our location in Manheim, Lancaster County, where you can view our inventory of swimming pool chemicals, equipment, fittings, toys, and games.

As the trusted suppliers of comprehensive commercial and residential swimming pool service in Manheim, PA, we work hard to ensure that you always have what you need to enjoy your pool. In addition to carrying the most diverse inventory in our area, we offer specialized support to keep your swimming experience stress-free. If you buy it here, you can also count on our expertise when you need advice on repairs, replacements, or upkeep.

In many cases, we even handle the job ourselves. Schedule us for important service calls and take advantage of our in-house solutions for all Aqua robotic cleaners, including:

  • Aquabot
  • Supreme
  • Xtreme
  • Rover

With us on your side, you can make swimming pool care and maintenance a breeze. Offering everything from structural repair materials to winterizing products, we go above and beyond to ensure that you’re ready for any weather, accident, or environment. Discover the depths of our inventory and service by browsing our site today.

About This Website

Take advantage of an online store that serves our local market as well as customers nationwide.


Our background includes 50 years of experience in both commercial and residential markets, putting us among the pool industry’s local leaders.


In addition to our inventory of everyday pool supplies, we provide you with parts, tips, and reliable preventative maintenance instructions to ensure that swimming pool ownership is a positive one.


Our Business Philosophy

Most of all, we want you to enjoy your swimming pool. Part of that enjoyment is having clear and clean water without a runaround.


As part of that philosophy, we strive to supply solutions for every situation. From your first day as a pool owner, you can trust our team to make shopping for parts and accessories as simple as possible. We can even deliver the all-important safety and cleaning products necessary for the opening and closing of commercial and residential swimming pools.


The Difference

The experiences with various vendors have been positive in over 50 years of business. We have been fortunate to build relationships with vendors, so we have the sourcing connections necessary to meet your needs.


From everyday supplies and cleaning chemicals to more involved projects like swimming pool restoration, we make your life a little easier by carrying the right products for your situation. Don’t lose time browsing around at smaller shops -- get everything you need in one place, from the team that has the connections and experience you can trust.


Our Experience


Our company has over 50 years of experience in the swimming pool industry in both the commercial and residential swimming pools and spas markets. We take pride in understanding all of the elements (filtration, water chemistry, maintenance) that contribute to making pool ownership an enjoyable, recreational experience. 


Contact us for more information about our company and available pool supplies and service. We proudly serve Manheim, PA, and the surrounding areas.

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